Conversion Rate Methodology FORA

Boost online conversions

Conversion rate optimization is essential for maintaining competitiveness in online, improve online customer experience and enhance online sales.

Implementing a conversion rate optimization process, could significantly boost the overall conversion of your website.

Either for sales or lead generation, FoRA Methodology will help you increase the profit of your online investments. With the same marketing costs, through optimizing conversions you will identify the most profitable online channels and raise the number of online customers.

FORA Methodology

4 steps to increase online conversion:

INFORA team has developed an optimization methodology for conversion rate optimization, based on scientific tools for measuring conversion and marketing costs.

Step 1

Business Analysis and Online Traffic
  • Understand business objectives and competition;
  • Detailed traffic source analysis (AdWords, online campaigns, affiliation, newsletters, direct and indirect traffic);
  • Identify types of clients and online behavior.
Opportunity Plan ​
  • Analytics Raport;
  • Google AdWords Audit.

Step 2

Conversion and Visitors Analysis
  • Identify user-experience issues;
  • Conversion funnel analysis and micro-conversions;
  • Non-conversion analysis (bounce, user objections).
Testing Plan
  • Usability test report;
  • System monitoring report.

Step 3

Analysis and Testing
  • Running optimization tests and defining wireframes;
  • Running A/B/n and Multivariate Test (MVT);
  • Landing page optimization and customer channel segmentation.
Implementation Plan
  • ABn and MVT testing report.

Step 4

Implementation and Analysis
  • Define the control version and defining the new tests;
  • Result analysis and optimization tests extension;
  • Test extension to other channels.
Optimization Plan
  • Implementation report.

What our conversion optimization approach includes:

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