We provide high quality and cost effective Website Maintenance services that include:

Rapid interventions and prioritization;

Professional Web Hosting;

Periodic updates and backup;

Securitate si design web

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Why do you need a website maintenance service?

Highly functional site

You keep your potential customers engaged with your site’s products and have the chance to build a strong relationship with them in a short time. In case you lack the appropriate site and technology, your visitors can move to other site immediately and search for the same type of product(s) somewhere else.

Engage with your users

Your website helps you as an entrepreneur or business to understand your target audience better. So, you can build content that satisfies your audience’s needs and wants and attract more leads, conversions and sales. For example, a blog that runs smoothly attracts fast new potential customers from search engines.

Gain more sales

With an operational, secure, up to date & eye-catching site you can achieve sales objectives proposed. Also, a major increase in revenue can occur faster.
In this way, you will not miss business opportunities and put your company at risk because your website is on good hands at INFORA.

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Our promise

Our team is here for you to offer personalized support for your business so it thrives by attracting the right customers.

We believe both site maintenance and administration should coexist in perfect harmony because both of them contribute to your business performance.

If you are looking to achieve and maintain site growth, our website maintenance service could be the solution you are searching for:

  • Your website will work on parameters;
  • Permanent monitoring;
  • Secure website;
  • Answer on time;
  • Periodic update.

With INFORA you’ve got more time to run your business!